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Painting Light

Hello! The month of October has brought about much change. For us here in the high country a change of season and promise of early snow. In my studio there has been a shift to working more with my electroluminescent paint and a new series of work. I thought I would share a bit about that here with you today!

Electroluminescent paint has been my fascination since first seeing it a few years back. I now am working with it and love it. Shown in the video clip below is the step that tells me my work up to this point has not been in vein, that my surface will light. This surface will light up to 50,000 hours depending on a few factors. It is truly amazing.

Several steps of masking and layering of paints, as well as making power connections occur before we get to the fun part below. That is really just the beginning, but it sure is an exciting beginning. I hope to share a few finished pieces with you in the next newsletter so wish me luck! Thanks for checking it out, have the most marvelous day! Candie Cain

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