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The Healing Gaze of Apollo

Hello Friends! Meet Apollo. This guy took us for a sleigh ride last April in Breckenridge CO. I wanted to share my story with you...

Growing up on ranches made horses an integral part of my life. Working with horses created bonds that were deep and full of heart. This year we had the opportunity take a Golden Horseshoe Tours sleigh ride here in Breckenridge. We met the two teams working that day. This is one of the regal, majestic, and sweet giants, Apollo. To me it felt as if his big brown eye was able to peer into the soul. I really got into painting his likeness at a rough time. It was therapeutic to paint him, to get lost in the details and different textures. As I was finalizing the painting I just had to know the name of this sweet guy I felt compelled to paint. Upon learning it was Apollo, and loving Greek mythology, I had to look into the meaning of his name. It was a profound realization that part of his identity meant medicine and healing. Gazing into those big brown eyes produces calm. It is my hope you too can find solace in his gaze.

He was featured at my latest show at The Crown in Breckenridge and is still there on display for the month of September. If you are in the area and would like to see him, go check it out. Or better yet, call me and we will go for coffee or a drink! Yeah! Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy a beautiful fall!

Until next time, Candie

By Candie Cain 36 x 24 inch Original Airbrushed Acrylic on Aluminum © 2018 $1500.00 Cards and prints of various sizes available. Please inquire with your particular needs.

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