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Part of  The Chautauqua Park Public Art Installation to be displayed
December 9 2022 through April 2023

I am excited to share I am one of the 2022-2023 Art in the Park artists for Chautauqua Park in Boulder Colorado.  My fiberglass bear, Patches will be one of fifteen 43"x42"x38" bears that will be nestled in Chautauqua gardens festively lit by Colorado Christmas Lights for Chautauqua's Winterfest celebration December 9-11 2022.   I hope you can make it to see the holiday display.  The event is free and open to all.  


If you can't make it to the Winterfest celebration you can still see the installation of bears until April 16, 2023.  The Art In The Park bears will be auctioned off on April 16th to benefit the many worthy nonprofits associated with this event as well as participating artists and the Colorado Chautauqua Association nonprofit.  Who knows, maybe you need a big bear displayed somewhere near you?  


Soon to come will be a map of Chautauqua with the location of each bear so stay tuned.  This page will be dedicated to my Bear, Patches.  Hope you enjoy learning about how she has been created and what stories she has to share with you!  




Patches Story

There sat the fiberglass sculpture bear in the fall leaves so cute and with such personality already.  What I previously had in mind for paint would not do.  After unloading the bear into my spray booth, I took some time to look at and think about what I wanted her to look like.  Upon reflection it was decided she would be named Patches.  She would be a hybrid of a real-life Colorado bear, and a cuddly teddy bear.  A fierce bear with realistic features but would have a spin.  She would have a worn look, like a loved teddy bear.  Her patches would represent the original 17 counties of the territory of Colorado, although the exact counties are not represented in each patch.  Each patch depicts something that represents what I think of when I think of our state of Colorado.  So, follow along with me as we look at all her patches to see what stories she has to tell.  She also has a surprise for you…

Patch 1-Patches has a patch of the view she will have where she will be displayed in Chautauqua Park.  The beautiful surroundings of the Flat Irons had to be displayed.  Patches is a special bear for me to paint for this setting because Greg and I got married at the amphitheater on Flagstaff Mountain. 

Patch 2-Just below patch one is a snapshot of pond hockey game on a lake nestled in the mountains.  One of the many outdoor winter activities to enjoy.  Don’t let that blue sky fool you, it was cold!

Patch 3-Trains played a major role in developing the state of Colorado.  Today we still see trains as an integral part of Colorado life.  Scenic tours are offered for all to experience the thrill of a train ride through the Rocky Mountains. 

Patch 4-Snowflakes-I mean, what do you think of when you think of Colorado?

Patch 5- Ahhh, the Maroon Bells.  Rocky Mountain High.  Need I say more?

Patch 6-Head up into the foothills from the front range.  Meandering up higher and higher you may happen to see big horn sheep.  Look closely because the blend in but many times can be spotted in family groups.  Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep are the Colorado state animal. 

Patch 7- Home of the Brave, Land of the Free.  One of my favorite things other than our 300 days of sun is looking up into that blue sky seeing those Air Force aircraft flying over our mountain home, reminding me we are protected by such skilled and dedicated servicemen and women and amazing technology and machines.  Thank you for your service!

Patch 8-Quaking aspen trees-Come September people come from near and far to see the first change of colors in the trees.

Patch 9- This is a hand sewn patch made by a quilter.  Moose are seen around many parts of Colorado and a highlight for all to see. 

Patch 10-The Colorado State Bird is the Lark Bunting.

Patch 11- What makes summer my most favorite time of year?  The Colorado wildflowers.  Rich in color and so strong against different weather extremes.

Patch 12-Historic ski towns with fun for all from the slopes to the cozy coffee shops, to the fun shopping, to the great dining. 

Patch 13-Topographic map just for fun!  We love the topography of Colorado.

Patch 14- Musicians travel from all over to perform in this widely acclaimed and highly honored place.  The beauty of Red Rocks surrounds this impressive concert venue. 

Patch 15- People come from all over the world to ski our mountain slopes.  Here a pair ride up the chairlift for an epic day in the fresh powder.

Patch 16-The Great Sand Dunes…actually the tallest dues in North American are a highlight to visit.  Traveling along, out of nowhere you find sand at the base of mountains soaring above.

Patch 17- Colorado has avalanches we all must be aware of when doing activities in the high country.  The Colorado avalanches are a real threat.  This avalanche was witnessed worldwide…2022 Stanley Cup Champs!  Great job Guys!  Thanks for bringing us the cup!  Patches had to have this patch to mark the year she was painted! 

Patches Paws-Her stance may share with you immediately her great big paws.  I really love her paws, but they are not part of the 17 patches.  Patches simply stumbled into some paint, and proudly displays our Colorado flag and the Colorado State Coat of arms.  And you know a girl has got to have good nails, but this girl, well she is a wild bear too, so she has some wear on those nails.  The gold and silver leaf on Patches nails reflect the rich mining history of the State of Colorado. 

Special Surprise-Look closer…Patches has news for you.  She has 2 little cubs hiding under mama.  They seem to have found a soft blanket to cuddle into under their mama.  The blanket shows many pastimes Colorado natives and visitors choose to do here in our great state. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at Patches a little closer! 

Candie Cain

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