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Save The Date!

Hello my friends and family!

Can you believe we have been in our Breckenridge location 1 year? I have GREAT news! In the celebratory spirit we are planning a 1st Year Anniversary Event. We will be unveiling new work and an exciting new direction we have been planning for a long time. Please remember to stop by and see us starting the first week in July. Out of town? Don't worry! We have you covered, we will keep you posted via newsletters, the website and social media.

We are still busy working on new work, so exact information is not available now, but I wanted to keep you in the loop. I can tell you we have new collaborative work by Greg and Candie involving Greg's specialty, electricity and Candie's specialty, paint. We have Ethan joining us in showing his work, as well as Zealous Apparel, and work by Ben Stevens and Jason McAfee.

I want to personally thank you for allowing me to come to your inbox once a month with news from the studio and especially thank you for your support. It really means so much.

Have a wonderful day and talk to you soon!


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