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Remembering our Progress

There are times to be still. Times to reflect. Times to stop and really look and see what we have been up to. I recently was able to do just that and was pleasantly surprised at just what I had accomplished in the previous 12 months. It was a tumultuous year full of many ups and downs, heartbreak and tears. From my perspective it seemed like maybe I had fallen off track in my work, my goals, organization, etc... Then I began looking back through my photos. This is useful not only in scrap booking and memory keeping for family and friends, but so useful in documentation of artwork and studies. As I looked through my 2017 file, I realized I had made a lot of progress. Things did get done. I can be pretty hard on myself, so this look down memory lane gave me a better picture of progress and goal attainment. It was so helpful because it encouraged me to press on, keep moving forward. Those baby steps actually do add up to big strides in retrospect.

I hope you too can find that time to reflect on your own progress in life. May your progress in all the little things encourage you. That is always a good thing! See you next month!


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