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Seasons of Love

It was my privilege at the end of 2017 to create a unique piece of artwork for a client. She envisioned all of the dogs they had as a family all in one piece. She wanted the personalities and breed characteristics to show though with the clever use of articles of clothing in addition to the images of the dogs. Working together on the details was amazing. I had so much fun creating this piece and feel like I grew to know those dogs through the stories that were shared as well as countless photographs.

In the end we created Seasons of Love shown below.

Seasons of Love By Candie Cain Original 36 inch x 24 inch Airbrushed Acrylic on Aluminum ©2017

Seasons of Love is a play on Seasons of Life. The dogs have been with this family in different seasons of life providing unconditional love. It was fitting to bring them all together by incorporating the four seasons into the painting. We start in the spring with Mabel an American Wheaten Terrier who had a thing for laying in the beautiful flowers. We head into the summer with Duffy the Collie always playing ball with the children and watching over them. Fall brings a change of season and Nellie the Irish Coated Wheaten Terrier sits like a little lady perched upon her bench in her Irish Broach. Nellie’s scarf playfully carries into the start of winter, leading us down to Louie all dressed up in the snow, and…oh no, oh yes, puddles. Will the little Rascal get his nice clothing all dirty playing in the puddles? The puddles are a sign of melting snow which lead us back to spring flowers and Mabel.

May we all cherish our seasons of love that we have with our dear furry ones. Until next time,

Candie Cain

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