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Overcoming Obstacles

Hello Friends! I wanted to share our progress in the new studio! We have been super busy moving and getting things set just so. We have had wonderful help getting all the big things into the studio. So many things to be grateful about. All we need now is our sign which is almost done. That is being made by our good friend and great Artist Tim Schwander of Prism Design.

Smooth sailing, but you all know that is not how life goes. We encounter rough waters too. Check this out, this painting has really hit some rough days. The new studio is wonderful. It is so conducive to creating. I was smoking along on my painting. I mean I was really painting, and it was flowing. The next morning I show up to find water splash marks all over the painting. All over the painting. What????? Turns out there is a leak that has been very hard to trace. Great! Of all the places I had to put my easel...right under the leak. Wait a minute, not so fast. Now the compressor, my compressor I have had since 18 years of age started leaking oil into my air lines. The airbrush was now spraying oil with my color. Seriously? If you look below you can see big water drips down the painting.

Do you ever feel like nothing is going your way? I think that those times do go in waves, thank goodness. How do we overcome those obstacles? Please share with us how you overcome obstacles on our Facebook page or comment below. I personally find myself going into a bit of a funk, but then remember that this will pass and really remind myself to stick to positive thinking or else I really spiral into a mess.

What was the outcome in this particular instance? I was able to work through the mess. Many hours of subtly spraying over the water spots like a million times, and Odorless Mineral Spirits to remove the oil from the surface of my painting. Phew! The rough waters subsided for the moment. Yep, back to painting and moving forward.

Hope you have a wonderful week, thanks for reading!


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