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Cain Creations Special Announcement

There once was a little girl who would go visit her grandparents. This little girl absolutely loved the drawer in the kitchen that contained scratch paper, pencils, scissors and all sorts of art supplies. She would spend hours with the things from that drawer creating art. That drawer was magical. The rest of the house was magical too for the walls displayed many of her grandfather's oil paintings, airbrushed t-shirts and the latest things he was experimenting with. His studio was a room filled with his homemade easle, paints, book shelves that held all his precious art books and magazines. The little girl would get lost in all the inspiration in this house. She and her gramps would spend the days talking about art, dreaming of new creations, and admiring the work of other artists. This little girl dreamed of being an artist.

Many years later, with great joy that little girl would like to announce the opening of her public studio July 1 2017. Cain Creations will open its doors at the La Cima Mall in Breckenridge Colorado. The location is 500 Main Street directly below Burke and Riley's Irish Pub.

What kind of things can people expect to see? The goal is to have a very welcoming feel, just like the magical house her grandparents lived in. Artwork and inspiration abounding. Inspiration for young and old alike. Trains buzzing down tracks of the custom train table. Come by to dream, be inspired by the art and other creations, as well as the process of creating. Come by and play a game of foozball. Come by to find a piece of work to have in your own home to serve as inspiration.

We are excited to start this new journey with all of you! Come see us soon!

Candie Cain

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