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ICE-One of the Many Forms of Water

After closer analysis of my work I feel as if my work can be related to water. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about it. What made me excited was that water is the whole essence of life, so water would be a very appropriate theme for my work.

Upon closer examination, there was every form of water in my work with the exception to Solids. Digging deeper I realized I have been wanting to do an ICE Series with photographs I have taken through the years, so why not now?

In the image below you can see 3 paintings for the series. I wanted the pieces to flow and go well together so I decided to paint them at the same time. I started with the center piece you see here, then would flow to the other two pieces attempting to keep the painting progress at about the same level. This technique really worked well.

Candie Cain Copyright 2017

The pieces are packaged up and ready to be sent to my photographer. Keep posted, the originals and prints should be available soon.

Thanks for following my work!


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