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The Comforts of Home

We all seem to like to get away. It may be a small weekend trip, or maybe a longer vacation, but it is always so exciting to plan a trip, go on a journey, experience new things, and just take a break from everyday life.

We were fortunate to do a long 3 week trip we had been planning for quite some time to the Big Island of Hawaii, USA. It was amazing! Part of it was on our own with our immediate family, and then the last part of it was with extended family and friends. We were in paradise, and really, did not want to get back on that plane to come home. Even more of a deterrent was the fact that we were checking into possibly making things work with our work/school/family life to live there at least part time. If we didn't need to get back to the dogs, we may have just missed the flight home. Know the feeling?

Our hearts were in Hawaii. We were not sure about coming back to the snow and cold. Yes, I know, we usually LOVE snow. Something funny happened when we got home though. This was our house, our creature comforts that we were oh so used to. It did not take long, maybe 5 minutes after being home, and well, I think we all felt home, really home. It shocked me because I got such a strong feeling of comfort and peace. It is said that it is good to get away, but always good to get home, and I agree.

I just think this really shows how we seem to carve out a little life for ourselves, no matter what it might be, it is ours. When we go away, we love the time we spend, we love the culture and other ideas and other ways of life we see, but coming back we realize, you know what? I love the little life we have carved out. It reaffirms we are doing what we are doing because that is our choice. And we are happy with our choice.

Will there be a home in Hawaii for us still? It cannot be ruled out, but at the same time I don't know if we can leave the comfort of these Rocky Mountains we call home now. Yep, torn, is the word, we love both extremes. Who knows what we will come up with. How will we carve out our little lives satisfying the urge to live both extremes? Whatever we do, it MUST have that comfort of home feeling-its the best!

Have you had similar experiences?

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