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Small Shoulders

Hello! First of all...Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2017 filled with laughter, love and great moments.

I wanted to share one of my latest pieces of work titled: Small Shoulders. The image below is a progress shot of a piece I had so much fun with.

Small Shoulders, 24 x 24 inch Acrylic on Aluminum, Candie Cain 2016

Small shoulders is a nickname Greg came up with for our youngest. The images I have used as reference for this piece were from a family trip to the ocean last February-the first time to the ocean for small shoulders.

This moment fills my heart with joy as we get a glimpse of daddy and son talking. Small shoulders is hesitant, but excited to try out this new venture, and daddy is there to help him, teach him, guide him in his new journey.

I feel like this painting illustrates more than just that particular moment in time. It is a reminder of the the love and support a caring and committed daddy gives his children on a daily basis. He is there for them not only to have fun, and share new adventures, but to also give guidance, share knowledge, to catch them if they fall, to walk with them as they take their own steps in this great big world we live in.

I feel privileged to be able to share this special relationship with you in the painting titled Small Shoulders. If only we could hear that conversation they are having...hmmmm

Please feel free to leave a comment below! Have a great month! Candie

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