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How to make a Clay Pot Doggy Treat Bowl

Hi Friends,

I need to take a deep breath and think of light hearted things in the blog, and my life today. It has been too serious of a day. First, it is Election Day, and second, it is so busy!

Deep Breaths!

Today I thought we could talk about something fun: Dog Treat Bowls

This is the process for creating the dog treat bowl. It is such a fun decoration for your house, and the place the dogs will love to go to and give you big pleading eye contact.


6" Clay Pot

Small Fish Bowl

Gorilla Glue

Acrylic Paint-colors of your choice

Misc stickers, or fun add on pieces....use your imagination!


Paint the clay pot in whatever color you like, solid, use stencils, etc...

Allow to dry (acrylic dries fast)

Turn clay pot upside down and spread a small amount of gorilla glue on bottom of pot. Care must be taken to only apply a small amount as gorilla glue expands.

Place fish bowl on top of upside down pot and press firmly in place. Allow to dry.

Decorate pot with stickers, or stencil designs. I used scrapbooking stickers for my pot and they have lasted on the pot several years.

Fill your new doggie treat bowl with lots of yummy treats for your furry friend!

PS..Don't be surprised to find nose marks on the glass.

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