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In Control of Our Time

Good Morning! What is on your agenda for today?

I have been a rebel in putting things on the calendar for so long. I hated booking events even if they were fun because it tied me down. I felt as if I had no control. Why? The things that were being put on the calendar were dictated by others who planed and put things on the calendar. I hated it.

In the past year I have learned in my mentor-ship program as well as other great classes that being deliberate in what I plan and put on the calendar will help me achieve MY goals. The things I want to do will not be put off because of what other people have planed for me. I have always been a go with the flow, let things happen as they will, don't get worked up kinda person. As with anything though there is a need for balance. That kind of attitude is helpful in group situations and collaboration with others, but at the same time we all need our boundaries. I felt resentful because my things always got put by the wayside, I felt people were overstepping their boundaries. I had to do something about it.

Now I am much more deliberate in my actions. I keep my calendar with me at all times. I check to see what I have set out to do before I say "yes" to someone's request. I follow through with my own scheduled work and events. It is amazing. It wasn't really that hard. I had to look at what I wanted to be, who I really saw myself as, and built from there. Of course I love my family and friends and want to do things with them, as well as volunteer in our community. I just needed the balance so that I didn't feel taken advantage of or unable to pursue what I needed to pursue. The great thing is, I have my calendar built so that I have everything I need there to keep me balanced. When I go to see if I can volunteer or add more to my plate....I simply look to see if it falls in line with my own mission. Easy peasy.

I almost hate to admit that it has taken me so long to grasp this idea, but it might be helpful to share this battle I had. I hope that my struggle and realization can help another person who might not like to rock the boat or make waves. I realized that it wasn't making waves, it was simply setting my boundaries, boundaries that people very willingly respect. I am now embracing the great feeling of being in more control of my time. Have a wonderful week!

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