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"When She Paint's It Kinda Sets Her Free"

Good Morning Sunshine! I hope your summer days are being enjoyed.

We have such a short summer season, we are cramming in as much as possible.

Even when the things we are doing are enjoyable, at times the pace can be hard to keep up with.

I personally get overwhelmed a bit.

It seems I tend to let my creating go by the wayside, because it is just impossible to fit everything in.

That is when I get cranky, upset, and feel like things are out of control.

I am not the greatest person to be around.

I was having a rough time when my husband Greg asks me, "have you been painting?"

I haven't painted since the end of April.

May seems to kick off the summer with all the school activities and then we are full on into our summer.

Well, well , there we have the answer:

I have to have at least a bit of active creating in my life or I am not myself.

When I recognize this, I must take the time to re-evaluate.

I must take the time to assess and really plan my time, and my family's time.

I have to ensure that there is a balance, or I suffer, and then down the line my family will suffer.

So guess what? Planning is in full force and painting is on the agenda again!

Thank goodness I have Greg, he totally gets me.

He wrote a song for me last year for our anniversary. Here is one of the verses:

"when she paints it kinda sets her free, I know that's how she will always be".

How perfect is that verse!

So true!

When I let everything else in life, good and bad, take painting our of my life, I suffer.

I think we really need those things in life that make us soar.

Painting does that for me.

Do you too find that there is the need for something in your life and when that thing is missing you are not yourself?

I would love to hear what drives you, what inspires you, what makes you tick.

I think we all need a reminder to slow down and pursue those things that make us feel alive.

We need to take the time to make sure we have our unique balance.

Thanks for checking in, enjoy your summer!

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