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Red White and Blue

Hello! I just have to tell you about the event we attended in June! It was a trip back in time to the 1940's Ball in Boulder CO at the airport. This was our second time attending the event, and what a great time it was. There were airplanes, tanks and all sorts of relics from that time period there for all to see. We even had a fly over. Such a neat experience.

Greg and I love to dance. We learned to swing dance before our wedding. We still have our moves, yeah baby! This group that gets together every year at the 1940's ball love to dance too. There is a hanger that is set up with a dance floor, then there is also a dance floor set up outside that is HUGE. Guess what? That thing was full of dancers ALL NIGHT LONG! It is a great time. When I get back from the ball I want to learn every dance move there is out there. Why do I love to go so much? The authentic feel about it. The pride. You look around and everyone is happy, dancing to happy music. All ages are represented from pre-teen to those in their 90's. The veterans that attend are each individually honored for the sacrifices they made for our great country. It is touching because those of that generation will not be with us for much longer.

So as Independence Day approaches us this weekend, it is with great pride that we can wave our flag of red, white and blue. It is with great pride that we can celebrate a country that has been through so much. May we celebrate all of our freedoms this weekend and not take for granted the sacrifices of those that have fought to make our country what it is today. Let us all strive to keep making this country what those forefathers forsaw so long ago.

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