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When Dreams Come True

My most favorite creature ever has always been the dolphin. I am crazy about them. I have been in love with them for as long as I can remember. Swimming with dolphins has been a life long dream, but as with many of my dreams, I was content in having the dream, never realizing I could actually make that dream come true. I guess I have been content to dream, to wonder, to hope because it keeps me going. Just realizing there is that chance, some day, makes me happy. Financial means, work obligations, family obligations, friends and other fun, etc...seem to put the "some day" off in the distance, but the hope is always there.

What happens though when those dreams we weave actually come true? When we are able to finally make them happen? The love of my life, Greg, helped me make that dream come true February 23, 2016. And it was that much sweeter to live out that dream with him, and my three boys. What a beautiful life experience it was, and wow, was it better than I had ever dreamed. The smiles on the faces of my family, on me, and on my magnificent dolphins will live on in my heart forever. Whats more, I have pictures to always go back to. My conclusion after reaching such an epic dream as reality? The dream was amazing, but the actual event was spectacular. After actually meeting those beautiful creatures I love them even more. My oldest wasn't too keen on being in the water with the dolphins, but interacting with the dolphin and learning about them made him smile from ear to ear as well. We all came to love the dolphins in our own ways, my love being pushed to the brink. So now what? I accomplished my goal, pursued my dream, realized my dream, what next? I can't wait to go see them again, to learn even more about them. to paint them, to help them, to be more involved with them. So I guess dreams can just keep expanding, hopefully involve more than ourselves, and ignite a fire in us to do more, to be more involved with that dream, to help others realize thier dreams, and be thankful for this wonderful world we live in.

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