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A vivid memory I have as a small child was a toy boat I had as a bathtub toy.  It was the coolest boat ever.  Although this boat doesn't look like the boat I had as a child, I did find a pretty cool boat to play with, and share with my boys.  Of course, this boat had to be customized.  Hope you like it!

Candie's Boat

As a child I had a bathtub toy boat.  That boat was awesome and I still remember it and all its cool windows, etc... I found this boat and had to have it to play with and share with my boys.  Of course it had to be customized!  I designed it to be patriotic, but the best part the right light the water under the boat ripples and the reflection of the boat looks like the American Flag.  Such an awesome effect!  Check it out in slide 3.  

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