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Just a Note to Say...

My Grandma Nelson would always send us mail.  I can remember from an early age getting a letter from her.  She always made a point of keeping in touch with us although we lived far away.  I absolutely loved getting a letter, a card, a note from her, and I loved writing her back, sending her school photos, pictures I drew, and my own personal notes to her and my Grandpa.  

In high school I made my own graduation announcements.  It was such a fun project and hopefully personal for the friends and family I sent my invitations to.  When it came to sending out wedding invitations, well I had to make those too.  I hope that those loved ones could sense the the love that went into the creations.  

Today I still love sending out notes to friends and loved ones.  I may not get to do it as much as I like, but I do try to send out a note, or care package here and there to show we are thinking about our loved ones.  I LOVE getting mail!  Texts and email have their place, immediate and quick, but it is a special thing when someone takes the time to send us mail or a care package.

Here are a few of my recent creations, forms of communication the old fashion way, 

Just a Note to Say...

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