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Custom Helmet Information

Thank you for your interest in a custom helmet or goalie mask.  

I work from my home spray booth on all artwork.  You can expect a 2-4 week turn around on completion of job from design and layout to final clear coat/varnish depending on design and time of year.  I gladly work with the customer on timing of the piece to ensure the least bit of interruption of their sport as possible.  

Safety factors for helmets are priority.  I will paint on a helmet gently used, but will not paint helmets that are unsafe.  If the helmet is used there is a bit more work involved in stripping the helmet of the existing finish and sanding light blemishes, then priming and sealing for the new artwork.  If new hardware or straps are needed, we can coordinate getting that done too.  All decisions will be made on a case by case scenario.

Quality of the paint and work are also priority.  I use the finest paints, products, and processes to create your piece.  I will choose the appropriate paint system based upon customer needs/wants.  The work is always protected with a tough clearcoat.  Care must be taken with this investment you have made.  Although functional art, it must be still treated like fine art when handling.  Sticks, pucks and skates can be brutal to any finish.  Chips, and scratches can and will happen.  I do not warranty against chips or scratches, but can offer repair if desired.  

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