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Artist Statement  My work stems from experiences and moments that trigger the senses.  The artwork created is done to evoke a positive, and happy vibe. It is my hope that by focusing on the good things we can be our best selves-spreading positive energy and inspiration to all.  The work created usually has a layout and color composition that can be viewed from a great distance, but yet the details invite the viewer to look closer. 

As a dreamer I enjoy coming up with new ideas and visions, but just as important to me are the preservation of memories.   Much of my work shares what I have experienced in some way, but it is a special honor when others share their experiences.  Together we are able to customize a special piece of work to express their personality, life experiences and ambitions.   Working on as many surfaces as possible is a challenge I continuously seek, especially re purposing gear and everyday items into functional art.   

Biography Candie Cain’s work is drawn from experiences and moments that trigger the senses.  Her love for painting began at a young age being influenced by her grandfather who introduced her to the world of art and airbrushing.  It is her hope that the use of this very sentimental tool is evident in her work, from smooth transitions and blends of color, to splatter effects, to blotches and imperfections.

​Candie's life has been surrounded by the majestic landscapes of Wyoming and Colorado.  Her active life with her family in Colorado along with their travels influences her paintings. Her love for her family, dogs, and nature serve as inspiration and prove to be a strong influence at the easel.    

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