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We are happy to announce that we now offer classes for all ages.  The airbrush is a tool has bit of an involved set up.  Come to the studio where we are already set up and try it out for yourself.  

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Most ages are welcome and we will have classes fit for children as well as adults.  

Come join the fun!  

Cain Creations

Introductory Airbrush Class

2 hours = $20.00


(Sample of color blending and stencil options covered in class)

This class is geared toward anyone wanting to learn basics of how an airbrush works.  It is meant to be fun, and inspirational.  Children love this class because they are having fun as they learn.  The creative juices start to flow and the outcome for each person is a unique and always colorful piece.  Splotches and imperfections are all part of the process and add character to the pieces created. 

Class Outline

  1. Safety

  2. How to Operate an Airbrush

  3. Transparent vs Opaque Paint

  4. Primary Colors

  5. Secondary Colors

  6. Color Blending and Mixing

  7. Spraying Patterns: line/dot/splatter/background coverage

  8. Practice and Paint

  9. Silhouette over the kids favorite freehand work

  10. Finished Piece to take home

Drop Ins Welcome!  Three airbrush students can work at a time.  Come see for yourself what you can create with the airbrush. 


Just a Note:  When I was a child I was introduced to the airbrush by my grandfather.  While I learned to appreciate the work he and others created with the airbrush I wasn’t able to try the airbrush until I was a senior in high school.  It is a great privilege to share my studio with students interested in learning about the airbrush.  I am excited to make airbrushing a more accessible art form.  Let’s Paint!  Candie Cain


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