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Artist Statement

My love of texture, depth, graphics, nature and shiny glossy finishes play a role in my work.  Artistic detail is very important to me, but I do realize the mind of the viewer automatically inserts details as well.  That is fascinating and I like to play with that back-and-forth language.


The use of the airbrush enables me to paint on a multitude of surfaces.  Painting and customizing will forever be a fixation of mine.  I love to weave the stories of our lives into belongings and surroundings.  

Biography Candie Cain’s work is drawn from experiences and moments that trigger the senses.  Her talent and  love for painting began at a young age being influenced by her grandfather who introduced her to the world of art and airbrushing.  It is her hope that the use of this very sentimental tool is evident in her work, from smooth transitions and blends of color, to splatter effects, to blotches and imperfections.

​Candie's life has been surrounded by the majestic landscapes of Wyoming and Colorado.  Her active life with her family in Colorado along with their travels influences her paintings. Her love for her family, dogs, and nature serve as inspiration and prove to be a strong influence at the easel.    

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